Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DB Bistro & Oyster Bar

If one wants to have a drink while enjoying fresh oyster appetizer, then DB Bistro and Oyster Bar is for you. The bistro is a cozy place made more beautiful by its elegant style. 

Diners have many options on the menu but what is remarkable is the fresh oyster they serve as appetizer. The fresh oysters are sourced from Hawaii, Japan and Australia.

Another food that I like there is the Original db Burger, which is a sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs and foie gras served on parmesan bun. They serve it together with fries.

DB Bistro and Oyster Bar is a relaxing place in spite of the hectic activities taking place within Marina Bay Sands. It is always good to spend Sunday afternoon there while prepping up one's mind for another busy week.     
Wide range of available drinks at the bar.

The set-up at the bar.

The bread and butter they serve before the main course.

The sauce for fresh oyster.

The fresh oyster sourced from Hawaii, Australia and Japan. 

Location: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
                 B1-48, Galleria Level - Across from Theaters
                 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Website: http://www.dbbistro.com/singapore/

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tom Yum by the Sea

Tom Yum Soup I heard is a must taste when one set foot in Thailand. Since, I'm already in Thailand, I should not miss trying the best Tom Yum Soup Phuket can offer. 

I just didn't know the name of the restaurant as the driver of the tuktuk I rented cannot speak well in English.

Anyhow, the restaurant is located by the sea and it is an open space where diners can get a refreshing breeze.

The restaurant have multitude offerings of seafood cuisines in their menu but I am particularly keen on Tom Yum.

The Tom Yum soup they serve really tastes good. It's spicy and sour. One serving is good for two persons.

Truly, when one is in Thailand, Tom Yum is not to be missed.  

The Spicy and Tasty Tom Yum Soup 

Me after having served with Tom Yum Soup

Nice ambiance of the restaurant by the sea

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Phuket Old Town: Kopitiam

I supposed Kopitiam is unique to Singapore, but I was wrong since I found one in Phuket.

In Singapore, Kopitiam is a dinning place where one can find variety of food choices from several countries. It is not a fancy place to dine but the foods served are really good.

In Phuket, Kopitiam is a coffee shop located in idyllic Old Town. The Kopitiam is owned by decendants of Chinese migrants to Phuket and you will get to know the place when you see this sign.  

They have many offerings on their menu, but worth tasting is their rich coffee which is quite different in taste from the best of Singapore, Bali and Vietnam.  

While having a sip of coffee, one can enjoy the homely ambiance of the shop house where the Kopitiam is located. Inside the coffee shop, one can have a glimpse of the past in the vestiges on display.    

Having a coffee in this place is a good experience for tourists and all the while it remains in your mind. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Phuket Old Town: Thavorn Hotel

One of the places suggested in Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book is the Thavorn Hotel.

Thavorn Hotel is an old hotel owned by clans of Chinese migrants in Phuket.

What make this hotel remarkable are the antique exhibits in the lobby and it also houses the Tin Museum.

It is only in this hotel where you can see old pieces of luggage, metal cabinets, desks, organs and some other old stuffs used in an office. 

On exhibit also are old pictures of prominent personalities who have ties with the hotel. 

As Phuket had been a site of tin mining in the olden times, it is quite fitting that Thavorn Hotel preserves the memory of the industry which once fueled Phuket's economy. One can have a glimpse of this industry in the hotel's Tin Museum. 

Here are the pictures I took inside the hotel.
The Frontage of the Hotel 

A European inspired relief in the lobby. 

Old Pictures of Prominent Personalities

Thais have great regard for their King for in almost every
corner, he has a picture with adornments.  

Safety box in those days.

Collection of Antique Luggage

A Metal Cabinet

Another Safety Box

Another Metal Cabinet

An Olden Office Desk Setup

An Old Organ

More Antique Exhibits

Antique Furniture and Organ

Phuket Old Town: Sino-Portuguese Shop Houses

Towns of antiquity evoke an ambiance of romance in its intrinsic simplicity. In Phuket's Old Town, this is quite evident and accentuated with colorful Sino-Portuguese shop houses.

Perhaps, the Sino-Portuguese style is really intended to make the place lovable and render it a perfect venue for pre-nup photo shoot. 

Similar shop houses can also be found in Singapore, Penang, Malacca and Johor and all these places seem to be lovable.    

Going for a jalan jalan in Old Town is worth your time. You can shop there for souvenirs or grab a local snack in a number of restaurants. There are also bars for party-going people. The place is not expensive to have fun. 

As the intrinsic beauty of a place is shrouded in history, one's appreciation of Phuket can emanate from what Old Town exudes - that of lasting beauty in profound simplicity.   

Phuket's Sino-Portuguese Shop Houses 

Soi Romanee, former red light district of Phuket 

The shop houses reminded me of Singapore's Chinatown

Entrance to the Temple of Serene Light

A Thai Buddhist Temple

Friday, September 11, 2015

Big Buddha: Edifying Faith

Knowing the local culture through the lens of faith gives one a rare glimpse of the place's true identity and soul.  

For Phuket, faith in Buddhism pervades the local scene with the monks collecting alms, the residents offering in their altars and the edifying glory of the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha is located at the summit of Nakkerd Hills overlooking the panoramic Chalong Bay. 

As you ascend the hill, the Big Buddha looks like a stone cast in purifying spell with its white color among the lush greenery. 

When I visited the place, the monks were chanting in discordant but jubilant way.

Within that complex, you can find magnificent golden statues which are revered in Buddhism.

The place is not just a good retreat for believers of Buddhism but also for anyone who wants to truly know Phuket and the edifying faith of the locals. 
The Big Buddha

Me in front of the Big Buddha

A golden statue within Big Buddha Complex

A statue of deity with many hands.

A statue to an elder. 

A statue to a Thai hero.

Statues of Buddhism 

Nice vista of Chalong from Nakkerd Hills, where the Big Buddha is located. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Breakfast by Kamala Beach

It is always good to take an early morning walk in the beaches of Phuket. 

Since I stayed at Swissotel in Kamala, I decided to stroll in the nearby beach while looking for a good place to have breakfast. 

It was a windy morning and I caught the fresh Andaman morning breeze. It was a long stretch of walk. 

The stretch of Kamala beachfront is lined with resorts and fortunately, the Sunprime Kamala Beach Resort opened early for a buffet breakfast by the beach. They also allow non-guests to partake in their buffet. So, I dined there.

The foods they serve are both of western and eastern origins. They offer sausages, bacon and different types of sandwich spread. There are also noodles prepared in Chinese way. The main course features Thai, Chinese and Malay cuisines.

Dining at Sunprime, I would say has value for money. It is not too expensive to get you energized for a day's activity.  

View of the beach while having breakfast.

The breakfast can be a fusion of East and West. 

The best tasting chicken soup with mushroom.