Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Premium Steak of Texas at the House of Blues

In my sightseeing of downtown Houston, I searched for the steak restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet. The name of the restaurant is "House of Blues." This is just a walking distance from Toyota Center and Hilton Americas.

The frontage of the "House of Blues"

The restaurant setting is distinctively Texan in style. On one corner you can see this dedication to its namesake.

A dedication to the restaurant's namesake

The stake they serve is really delicious and the serving size is large. My dining experience there made me fall in love with American steak. 

The luscious stake

The restaurant also serves variety of drinks with beer as a perfect pair for the steak. 

If ever I happen to be in Houston again, I will certainly come back to "House of Blues" and munch on my favorite steak!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Visit to Houston

After a long layover in Beijing, I finally arrived in Houston. I was impressed by the George Bush Intercontinental Airport because of its cleanliness and efficiency.
The moment I arrived at George Bush
Intercontinental Airport. 
From the airport, I checked-in at Ramada Houston Intercontinental Airport South which is near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I spent the night there.    

During my stint in Houston, I roamed the downtown area. It is a clean place and not crowded. The transportation system is also very efficient.

Here are the pictures I took of downtown Houston on a typical day. 

A street in downtown Houston

Toyota Center, the venue of Kobe's last game
which coincided with my visit.

Waterway in a street

View of Houston skyline from my hotel room
at Hilton Americas 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Layover in Beijing

Since Chinese foods are my favorite, I decided to have layover in Beijing en route to Houston.

It was a long layover which provided me ample time to discover a piece of Chinese culture.

We landed at Beijing Capital International Airport. This is a sprawling complex which many interesting shops inside. 

The plane which carried us from Singapore to Beijing. 

One of the duty free shops inside the airport with the
fountain in the foreground.

At the time of my visit, there were still on going construction outside the terminal building.

There are still construction works at the airport
traffic control tower.

I also saw this exhibition of Chinese architectural style. It is magnificent in itself.  

A kind of Chinese Pavilion

Chinese characters usually seen at a building's portal.

Since I arrived in Beijing early morning, I decided to have breakfast at a more familiar cafe. The cafe's name is Cafe Sambal which is a Singaporean cafe. 

Cafe Sambal, a Singaporean cafe at the airport.

Beef noodle soup

While waiting for the next leg of my journey, I stayed at the airport's lounge. It is spacious and has reading, dining and viewing areas. There are also cubicles for sleeping. There is also a tea drinking area where they serve good Chinese tea. 

Dining or reading space of the lounge

The buffet offers wide variety of food choices. There are Chinese and Western foods as well. 

The buffet table

My layover in Beijing however long was comfortable with what the airport had to offer.