Thursday, September 17, 2015

Phuket Old Town: Kopitiam

I supposed Kopitiam is unique to Singapore, but I was wrong since I found one in Phuket.

In Singapore, Kopitiam is a dinning place where one can find variety of food choices from several countries. It is not a fancy place to dine but the foods served are really good.

In Phuket, Kopitiam is a coffee shop located in idyllic Old Town. The Kopitiam is owned by decendants of Chinese migrants to Phuket and you will get to know the place when you see this sign.  

They have many offerings on their menu, but worth tasting is their rich coffee which is quite different in taste from the best of Singapore, Bali and Vietnam.  

While having a sip of coffee, one can enjoy the homely ambiance of the shop house where the Kopitiam is located. Inside the coffee shop, one can have a glimpse of the past in the vestiges on display.    

Having a coffee in this place is a good experience for tourists and all the while it remains in your mind. 

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