Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Phuket Old Town: Thavorn Hotel

One of the places suggested in Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book is the Thavorn Hotel.

Thavorn Hotel is an old hotel owned by clans of Chinese migrants in Phuket.

What make this hotel remarkable are the antique exhibits in the lobby and it also houses the Tin Museum.

It is only in this hotel where you can see old pieces of luggage, metal cabinets, desks, organs and some other old stuffs used in an office. 

On exhibit also are old pictures of prominent personalities who have ties with the hotel. 

As Phuket had been a site of tin mining in the olden times, it is quite fitting that Thavorn Hotel preserves the memory of the industry which once fueled Phuket's economy. One can have a glimpse of this industry in the hotel's Tin Museum. 

Here are the pictures I took inside the hotel.
The Frontage of the Hotel 

A European inspired relief in the lobby. 

Old Pictures of Prominent Personalities

Thais have great regard for their King for in almost every
corner, he has a picture with adornments.  

Safety box in those days.

Collection of Antique Luggage

A Metal Cabinet

Another Safety Box

Another Metal Cabinet

An Olden Office Desk Setup

An Old Organ

More Antique Exhibits

Antique Furniture and Organ

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