Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Memorial Church: Soul of Stanford

One of the major attractions at Stanford University campus is the Memorial Church. It has elaborate structure adorned with magnificent mosaics depicting biblical scenes.

The church's facade is imposing with the image of Christ and His disciples. To me, this church is in itself a work of art nurtured by profound spirituality of its benefactors.  

Facade of the church with its iconic mosaic

The Church's dedication to Leland Stanford, Sr.

The church's chancel

Inner Dome

The loft housing the Murray Harris and Fisk-Nanney organs.

The organs in the side chapel

A musical score of "Missa Ecce ancilla domini Sanctus"
and an explanation about the lectern

Inscriptions on the church's sandstone wall

Another inscription on the wall

Baptismal Font


Mosaic depicting Adam and Eve when they were
banished from paradise.

Mosaic of a biblical scene

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rodin's Sculptures: Exquisite Adornments of Stanford

The Stanford campus is dotted with Auguste Rodin's sculptures. In fact, Stanford has the world's largest collection of Rodin's sculptures outside Paris.

The most prominent as it is located at the Memorial Court is "The Burgers of Calais". The sculpture commemorates the "Hundred Years' War" when Calais, an important French port was captured by the English for more than a year. It depicts the prominent persons of the city on their surrender to the captors.  
"The Burghers of Calais" by Auguste Rodin

Write-up of the sculpture

More of Rodin's sculptures can be found at the Rodin's Sculpture Garden located beside the Cantor Arts Center. The Cantor Arts Center itself showcases to the public its 200 collections of Rodin's sculptures.   

The Three Shades


The Gates of Hell

Write-up of the "Gates of Hell"



Fallen Caryatid Carrying Her Stone


Claude Lorrain

Jules Bastien-Lepage

The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, the benefactor of Cantor Arts Center mentioned in its website that Rodin's "pioneering work is a crucial link between traditional and modern art."

In my personal experience seeing Rodin's works, I feel both the grim and glee of being human. But in itself, whatever angle you are looking, the sculpture much as life has meaning.   

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Greatness of Stanfords

I am fascinated by the Stanford family not only because they founded the world renowned Stanford University, but also because they seem to be the "Royal Family" of California. 

As most of us know, the Stanford campus prior to its becoming a school, was a ranch owned by Leland, Sr. that it was given a moniker "The Farm". It was also Leland Jr.'s favorite place for vacation.

Leland Sr. is a man of great ability as evidenced by his successful pursuits during the California gold rush and his becoming a railroad magnate. Of equal ability and a strong woman is his wife Jane. She was instrumental in founding the great university we know today. 

Their greatness is edified in the family mausoleum which can be found in the university's arboretum. 
A brief story of the great Stanford family

A statue honoring Leland Stanford, Sr., Leland Stanford, Jr.
and Jane Stanford 

The Stanford Mausoleum where Leland Stanford Sr., Leland
Stanford, Jr. and Jane Stanford was laid to rest.

Near the mausoleum is a replica of the "Angel of Grief" which honors Henry Lathrop, the brother of Jane Stanford. The original sculpture was made by William Wetmore Story in 1894, which became his and his wife's grave stone at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. 

"Angel of Grief", a memorial to Henry Lathrop,
Jane Stanford's brother

Visiting these spots in the university makes one nostalgic of a great family whose exceptional vision changed the world forever.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stanford University: A Shinning Pearl on the Great West Coast

If there is a school which impressed me most, it is Stanford University. It is such an excellent school with amazing research capabilities. 

True to its goal, Stanford indeed continues to "Change the World" by making significant contributions to the betterment of humanity.

The Stanford sprawling campus is strategically located at the heart of Silicon Valley which gives it an enormous advantage for working with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The campus was well planned by its founders Leland Stanford Sr. and Jane L. Stanford. The edifices you can see there were magnificently designed such as the Hoover Tower, the Cantor Arts Center, the Memorial Hall, the Memorial Church and the Stanford Art Gallery.

To me, I like the Stanford campus more than Disneyland or if I can aptly say it, Stanford is the Disneyland for intellectual pursuit.

Here are some of the pictures I took around the Stanford campus.   
Entrance to Stanford University from Palo Alto

A beautiful palm along Palm Drive


Map of Stanford University

Me in front of the Main Quad

Our tour guide explaining about Stanford during the
"Discover Stanford Walking Tour"

Stanford Alumni who were World Record Holders

Facade of the Leland Stanford Junior Museum 

Exquisite Mosaics at Cantor Arts Center

Fine mosaic in the stately building of
Cantor Arts Center

Toyon Hall

Ford Center

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Knight Management Center Courtyard

Italian Cypress at Knight Management Center

I like the Stanford tagline "Change the World."

A Monument at Knight Management Center

The Deans of Stanford School of Engineering with Herbert Hoover, the
31st President of the United States having served as the First Dean

Signage of Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Library

Me at Stanford Technology Ventures Program Office

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Away from Home

I still celebrated this year's Christmas in Singapore. It is good that my cousin is here so we celebrated Christmas together. 

In Singapore, Christmas day is also a public holiday. Yuletide Season commences when Orchard Road is already lit with grand Christmas decors.     

Orchard Road glitters around Yuletide Season

The Filipino community also holds Simbang Gabi in various churches around Singapore starting December 16. The Simbang Gabi I attended was at the Church of St. Mary of the Angels. 

Well lit Church of St. Mary of the Angels
during "Simbang Gabi"

The Filipino community celebrated "Simbang Gabi" at
the Church of St. Mary of the Angels.

The culmination of Simbang Gabi is the midnight mass every Christmas eve. This year, I attended the midnight mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. 

With Msgr. Philip Heng, S.J., rector of the
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

With Archbishop William Goh, D.D., the celebrant
of the midnight mass 

Around the island, malls would also put up Christmas trees, some of which exhibit unique conceptual style.  

Christmas Tree at JEM, Jurong East

The Chocolate Christmas Tree at Takashimaya

Giant Christmas Tree at UOB Building

An Environment-friendly Christmas Tree at
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Christmas Tree at Lot One, Choa Chu Kang

To celebrate Christmas in most convenient way, my cousin and I just decided to have lunch on Christmas Day at Ce La Vi. 

Me with my cousin at Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi is the topmost restaurant of Marina Bay Sands. It offers breathtaking view of the city and beyond. 

We availed of the "Christmas Brunch" selection which offered five choices of main course, namely Oven Roasted Turkey Roulade, Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Striploin, Oven Roasted Barramundi, Charcoal Grilled King Prawn and vegetarian Assorted Mushroom Pie. We chose the Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Striploin for our main course.      

Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Striploin

Appetizers and desserts were also served in unlimited supply. Various sausages, sashimi and salads were available. The desserts were log cakes, ginger bread and small cakes.  

Choices of appetizers


After our lunch, we proceeded to my Dutch teacher's house for a Dutch Christmas celebration.

Me, my friends and my Dutch teacher's family

We were served with a sumptuous meal comprising of delectable Dutch dishes, some of which can only be tasted there. The foods were well prepared by our Dutch teacher.

The delicious Dutch foods served to us. 

Dutch Dessert

This year's Christmas is truly memorable in spite of the challenging year. Our celebration was an auspicious moment for rekindling ties that matter!