Friday, September 18, 2015

Tom Yum by the Sea

Tom Yum Soup I heard is a must taste when one set foot in Thailand. Since, I'm already in Thailand, I should not miss trying the best Tom Yum Soup Phuket can offer. 

I just didn't know the name of the restaurant as the driver of the tuktuk I rented cannot speak well in English.

Anyhow, the restaurant is located by the sea and it is an open space where diners can get a refreshing breeze.

The restaurant have multitude offerings of seafood cuisines in their menu but I am particularly keen on Tom Yum.

The Tom Yum soup they serve really tastes good. It's spicy and sour. One serving is good for two persons.

Truly, when one is in Thailand, Tom Yum is not to be missed.  

The Spicy and Tasty Tom Yum Soup 

Me after having served with Tom Yum Soup

Nice ambiance of the restaurant by the sea

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