Meaning, Making, Mastering

Welcome to my blog!

Jed M. Bellen

It is my pleasure to convey through my writing information that may be useful or simply of interest to you.
In this blog, I shared pieces of my odyssey as Chemical Engineer, MBA and what I ought to be as a person.
At the core of our humanity we are in search for meaning, that is why it comes first in my tagline.
Meaning can be found in every circumstance of our lives. It molds us to what we become and a driving force for what we do.
But the tangible or visible aspect of meaning is making, that is, what we do.
As a professional, we ought to make some mark in the profession. As a person, we want to make a difference and uphold the values we believe in.
We want to explore the world, its intricacies, its exquisiteness and its natural tendency for simplistic elegance.
Making it repeatedly makes us master of our own crafts. Our mastery may not only mean mastery of the skills that we have but above all mastery of ourselves which leads us to our ultimate meaning.   
So come, let's go together in Making a Meaningful life and become true Masters in our own right!