Temple of Leah: An Edifice of Profound Love

The Temple of Leah is a popular tourist spot in Cebu City not only because of its grand allure but also because it is owned by the family of Ellen Adarna, a famous celebrity in the Philippines.

The edifice was built by Ellen Adarna's grandfather Mr. Teodorico S. Adarna, to express his undying love and devotion to his wife Mrs. Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. 

The infrastructure resembles a Roman building complete with Doric columns made of granite. Exquisite Greek statues dot the building as well as the courtyard.

The facade and courtyard of Temple of Leah.

Signage of Temple of Leah at the entrance to the temple.

The temple has twenty four (24) chambers which holds the Adarna matriarch's collection of antiques, Chinese jars, and books gathered from her travels abroad. At the time of my visit, the chambers were not accessible yet as construction works were on-going, but the shrine was already open to the public. 

The shrine is spacious and ornately decorated. It contains the statue of the temple's namesake in regal pose when she was crowned as the Matron Queen of the University of Southern Philippines. 

Leah Albino Adarna, for whom the temple is dedicated.

About the Temple of Leah.

There are many Instagrammable spots in the temple complex, but the most popular one is this spot where I had a photo of myself taken. 

Me at the shrine of the Temple of Leah.

Panoramic view of Cebu City from Temple of Leah. 

The Temple of Leah seems effective in portraying its role for immortalizing a man's profound love for his wife. This is quite evident in the romantic aura of the place, and its lavishness reflects a love knowing no end.