Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Memorial Church: Soul of Stanford

One of the major attractions at Stanford University campus is the Memorial Church. It has elaborate structure adorned with magnificent mosaics depicting biblical scenes.

The church's facade is imposing with the image of Christ and His disciples. To me, this church is in itself a work of art nurtured by profound spirituality of its benefactors.  

Facade of the church with its iconic mosaic

The Church's dedication to Leland Stanford, Sr.

The church's chancel

Inner Dome

The loft housing the Murray Harris and Fisk-Nanney organs.

The organs in the side chapel

A musical score of "Missa Ecce ancilla domini Sanctus"
and an explanation about the lectern

Inscriptions on the church's sandstone wall

Another inscription on the wall

Baptismal Font


Mosaic depicting Adam and Eve when they were
banished from paradise.

Mosaic of a biblical scene

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