Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stanford University: A Shinning Pearl on the Great West Coast

If there is a school which impressed me most, it is Stanford University. It is such an excellent school with amazing research capabilities. 

True to its goal, Stanford indeed continues to "Change the World" by making significant contributions to the betterment of humanity.

The Stanford sprawling campus is strategically located at the heart of Silicon Valley which gives it an enormous advantage for working with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The campus was well planned by its founders Leland Stanford Sr. and Jane L. Stanford. The edifices you can see there were magnificently designed such as the Hoover Tower, the Cantor Arts Center, the Memorial Hall, the Memorial Church and the Stanford Art Gallery.

To me, I like the Stanford campus more than Disneyland or if I can aptly say it, Stanford is the Disneyland for intellectual pursuit.

Here are some of the pictures I took around the Stanford campus.   
Entrance to Stanford University from Palo Alto

A beautiful palm along Palm Drive


Map of Stanford University

Me in front of the Main Quad

Our tour guide explaining about Stanford during the
"Discover Stanford Walking Tour"

Stanford Alumni who were World Record Holders

Facade of the Leland Stanford Junior Museum 

Exquisite Mosaics at Cantor Arts Center

Fine mosaic in the stately building of
Cantor Arts Center

Toyon Hall

Ford Center

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Knight Management Center Courtyard

Italian Cypress at Knight Management Center

I like the Stanford tagline "Change the World."

A Monument at Knight Management Center

The Deans of Stanford School of Engineering with Herbert Hoover, the
31st President of the United States having served as the First Dean

Signage of Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Library

Me at Stanford Technology Ventures Program Office

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