Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Happened in Vegas...

Las Vegas is such an interesting place! It may be known as a place for debauchery but it can also be a good get away for families.

Las Vegas glitters at night particularly the Strip area. There are many hotels, casinos, restaurants and bars in that area which seem endless.

In visiting Las Vegas, one should never miss taking a picture in this famous landmark.       

My aunt brought me to Aria, a popular destination in Las Vegas. It is a huge luxury hotel with casino and high-end shopping mall.  

The shopping mall is well adorned that every corner is a feast for the eyes. 

My aunt also brought me to Bellagio, an equally popular place to visit in Las Vegas. It has this magnificent interior design and decors. 

There is also a chocolatier there wherein their shop displays this free flowing chocolates.   

Though I didn't have the beginner's luck when I bet in the casino, I still enjoyed Las Vegas. The kind of adrenaline rush brought about by betting and expecting that you will win adds further to the excitement.

This is Las Vegas! Whatever happened there I brought home with the same enthusiasm to go back again!!!

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