Sunday, February 21, 2016

Of History and Horizon @ Punggol Beach

Singapore comes to mind as a place of skyscrapers. But unknown to many tourists who set foot on Singapore soil, it has more to offer when it comes to nature.

Forget about the zoo, bird park, night safari, river safari and the fancy gardens around the city because along its shores in the northeast you can find the best place for communion with nature.

One of the places there which I admire is the Punggol Beach. In there, you can find cow boy themed cabins for a relaxing stay. Also within that compound is a food place with the same theme.            

A cabin to stay in "rural" Singapore

Not so far into the horizon is Johore and its industrial complexes. It also seems that Johore Straits is a busy maritime lane with the many ships passing there. 

View of Johor Strait with  industrial complexes in Johor

Good view of the busy maritime lane

Punggol Beach is also considered a historical place as fierce fighting took place there during World War II. As was said, its white sand beaches were stained with heroes blood.    

Me at Punggol Beach, a historical site where fierce
fighting happened during World War II

A visit to this area will give one a glimpse of what is lovable in Singapore in its enchantingly subtle way...    

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