Monday, January 4, 2016

Partying at Rathaus: Exuding European Elegance

Europe is associated with glamour, luxury and elegance. Nothing could undermine this association seeing the European way of hosting banquets.   

I was greatly awed by the Speaker's Reception hosted by Drucker Society Europe for the speakers of Peter Drucker Forum 2015. It was held at the Stadssenatessaal of the Rathaus, an alluring building of the city government of Vienna.

The reception was meant to foster networking among the participants in a classic setting of yore typical of European elegance.    

The Peter Drucker Forum banquet at Rathaus

The event was started with a short program in which the founder of the Peter Drucker Society of Austria, Dr. Richard Straub delivered his welcome remarks. 

One of the speakers delivering his welcome remarks

Dr. Richard Straub delivering welcome remarks

It was just too good to take pictures inside the hall. The walls were decorated with portrait paintings of the mayors of Vienna. The design of the hall itself is stately and apt for royal events.

Portraits of the Mayors of Vienna adorning the hall

Portrait of Helmut Zilk, the Mayor of Vienna from
1984 to 1994 displayed prominently at the hall.

An ornately carved wood panel

More than the luscious foods and the elegant venue are the networks I have talked to. All of them are interesting people with great insights. A few of them are in my pictures below.   

With John Soroushian, a fellow Drucker
Challenge winner

With Khuyen Bui, a fellow Drucker
Challenge winner

With Robin Chase, one of the founders of Zipcar

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