Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kampung Glam: The Glamour of Malay Heritage

Singapore as a multi-ethnic society is a microcosm of world's culture. 

There are specific places in the island which caters to specific culture such as Chinatown for Chinese, Little India for South Asians and of course Kampung Glam for Malays.  

When you go to Kampung Glam, the most noticeable edifice is the Sultan Mosque. It glitters at night as you can see below.

In front of the Mosque, you can see the marker of Kampung Glam Heritage Trail.

The alley from Arab St. to Sultan Mosque is lined with the following exquisite murals. 

The street leading to the Mosque is lined with shop houses where stuffs from Indonesia, the Middle East and Turkey can be found. There are also restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisines. 

Indeed Kampung Glam is worth a visit to experience the glamour of Singapore's cultural landscape. 

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