Jesuit Church in Vienna

In a previous post, I expressed my admiration for the Jesuits. When I attended the Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, I was surprised to learn that the forum's venue Aula der Wissenschaften is just a stone's throw away from the Jesuit Church. So, I inside the church and prayed. 

The church's facade is in Baroque architectural style with its two bell towers. 

The facade of the Jesuit Church

The church's interior is adorned with masterpiece paintings and ornate sculptures. 

The church's magnificent interior

The beautiful altar.

Nicely carved church pews

The ornate pulpit

There are also magnificent paintings depicting biblical scenes as well as the significant events or personages of the Society of Jesus.

Madonna and the Child

The Crucified Christ

St. Ignatius kneeling before Christ

St. Ignatius' vision of the Blessed Virgin

The founding of the Society of Jesus

The founders of the Society of Jesus

Lead in prayer

The bishop and his priest

Scene at the temple

Magnificent depiction of heaven in trompe l'oeil style

Trompe l'oeil painting by Andrea Pozzo

Frescoes at the ceiling

The pipe organ

Office of the Jesuit Apostolate

Marker of the Jesuits Street.

The church is indeed worth a visit. It is grand by any measure for a university church as it serves the souls of the faithful within the auspices of the University of Vienna.