Friday, November 20, 2015

Hotel Erzherzog Rainer: Experiencing the Past in the Present

Hotel Erzherzog Rainer exists for over a hundred years charming guests to Vienna.

In itself, as reflected in the architecture of its facade, the hotel projects a stately image typical of exquisite European elegance.

In its graceful manner, you will be warmly welcomed for a comfortable stay. 

The hotel's location is very accessible from the Metro and its surroundings is nice and safe. The Belvedere Palace is also a walking distance from there.

The buffet breakfast they served was superb in choices and indeed delectable.

Truly, my stay at Hotel Erzherzog Rainer is enjoyable as I got to experience Vienna's past in its exciting present.  
A mannequin which welcomes guests to the
hotel's restaurant. 

A stately portrait hanging at the hotel lobby.

A frame depicting Austrian nobility connected with the hotel.

Cheese is a usual part of European diet. The hotel provides
variety of cheese for the buffet breakfast. 

The breakfast I had at the hotel. I particularly like the
salami and coffee.  

The view outside my hotel room.

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