Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa

Hard Rock is a place where one can unwind while dining and enjoying good music. When my bestfriend from Korea visited Singapore, I treated him at Hard Rock Cafe located at Sentosa. 

The cafe has many offerings on their menu, some are western foods and some are local. So my friend can enjoy local delicacies, we ordered satay ayam (chicken satay), a local Malay chicken barbecue with peanut butter sauce and chopped onions as garnishing. 

For our drinks, we ordered Tiger Beer which is a local brew in Singapore. According to my friend, he likes the taste as much as he likes Korean and Japanese beers. 

The live band performers at Hard Rock, truly Rocks!

The ambiance inside the cafe.

Me with my best friend from Korea.

The chicken satay they serve at Hard Rock Cafe.

On the whole, Hard Rock provides an ambiance that is both cool and enjoyable. Experiencing it will make one crave for more!