Friday, May 22, 2015

Pico de Loro: A Desirable Eden

The Philippines is a fantastic place for its scenery and panoramic beaches. Wherever you are in the archipelago, it is almost certain that you can find a beach resort. 

Some of these resorts are world class and known globally. Yet, there are still undeveloped beaches in the Philippines which when developed promise tourism potential for its panorama.

One of the best developed beaches in the Philippines, I would say, is Pico de Loro. It might come next to Boracay but at par with the beach resorts of Samal Island and Misibis Bay.

What is good about Pico de Loro is that it is accessible from Metro Manila by car. It will just take less than 2 hours to get there.   

By local standards, the resort is pricey but I would say it is worth it especially that the amenities are excellent.

Pico de Loro have lots to offer from its well design suites to the amazing pool and the picturesque beach.

The area have several enclaves for hotel accommodations and amenities. In the enclave where we stayed, there is a pool, a man-made lake and a tennis court nearby.

Five-minute ride on a tram from our enclave is also another accommodation and a club house near the beach. Next to the club house is an infinity pool.

The beach does not only offer a relaxing swimming experience but also sports activities such as volleyball or Frisbee.    

Indeed, Pico de Loro in the bosom of sprawling paradisal forest is truly a desirable Eden.  

A tarp of Pico de Loro in the lobby.

On my background is the picturesque sea surrounded by mountain.

My parents and aunts enjoying the beach.

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