Thursday, February 26, 2015

Changi Chapel and Museum

If you are a history buff, this obscure tourist spot in Singapore is for you. The Changi Chapel and Museum is a memorial to the atrocities of war in which humanity should already have learned its bitter lesson.

The complex has an outdoor chapel which is still being used for worship. In here you can find memorials to the prisoners of war during World War II. The altar has a cross which was made by Sgt. Harry Stogden who was killed during the war. Near the altar, you can offer candles to those departed in a sandbox containing sand from Changi beach, which was said to have been bloodied by victims of war.  

The outdoor chapel.
The entrance to the chapel.
The prison door.
Here are the murals in the museum depicting episodes in the bible. The scenes were well-painted and evokes a feeling of hope. 

Here is also the table used during services in the chapel. Its linen, cross and candle holders are modest looking.

The organ used by prisoners in playing liturgical music which made their worship lively.

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