Vietnamese Sculptures

The grounds of Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is littered with sculptures by renowned Vietnamese sculptors.
Here are pictures of sculptures which can be found there. Most of the sculptures depict family or mother caring for her children, Vietnam's struggle for independence and some are tributes to scholars, heroes and renowned personages.    
A mother playing with her children.
A mother and her children.
Sculpture depicting a family. 


Vietnamese version of Rodin's The Thinker.

A porcelain sculpture.

Sculpture of a young Vietnamese girl.


Man standing on top of an elephant.

A woman on a boat.
Overflowing vision.
A Vietnamese woman.

Bust of a famous person.
Bust of another famous person.
The archer.
This looks like Einstein's bust.
On to Nirvana.
Artistic expression.

A woman carrying a child.
A man.
An elderly.
Bust of an intellectual.

Bust of a Vietnamese hero.
Nude sculpture.
Confidence in military.
A Vietnamese warrior.
Commemoration of Vietnam's struggle for independence.

An erudite woman.

A woman carrying earthen ware.

A man sounding a gong.
The Vietnamese Scholar

A girl carrying a plate.