Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lau Pa Sat: A Place to Dine

In the bustling Singapore downtown, one can find a dinning place called Lau Pa Sat. This edifice is different from the surrounding buildings in that its architectural style is still that of colonial era.

When one dines there, it gives a different feeling of being relaxed as compared to the busy ambiance of the surrounding areas.

There are variety of foods offered in this place such as Vietnamese foods, Malay foods, Chinese foods, Indian foods and to my surprise even Filipino foods.

The colonial style fa├žade of Lau Pa Sat as seen from outside.

The dining place inside Lau Pa Sat.
The distinctive roof architecture of this place mesmerizes me for its elaborate style. 

I chanced upon this Filipino food stall.

This place is located near Raffles MRT Station just across the Hong Leong Building.

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