Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fort Canning: Cradle of Singapore's Past

Singapore being at the crossroads of civilization, has a vibrant heritage that resonates well with its present. Vestiges of its colonial past makes one feel a lovable place to belong.
The Fort Canning heritage trail will let you experience what I really mean by "a lovable place to belong."
Here are pictures of sceneries around the historic site where nostalgia for the past is deeply being felt.       
The entrance to Fort Canning Green, which was a former cemetery. 
This gothic gate bears the monogram of Jesus, IHS.

 The epitaph-lined wall around Fort Canning Green. 

The "Cupolas" designed by G.D. Coleman.

The description of "The Cupolas."

The "Memorial to James Brooke Napier."

 Description of the "Memorial to James Brooke Napier."

The former military barracks during the British colonial era. Now it is named
Fort Canning Center and used as an exhibition venue.

Excavation for artifacts at Fort Canning Hill.

Keramat Iskandar Sha, a place of pilgrimage for our Muslim brothers.

The tunnel at Fort Canning Hill

Remnants of the colonial fortress. 

The cute emblem of Singapore sitting on an inspiring message.

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