Old Houses in Cebu City

Cebu City is home to many influential families in the Visayas such as the Osmeña, Garcia, Borromeo, Velez, Cuenco, and Gullas families. These families built large houses in Cebu City and two of these old houses owned by the Garcia and Borromeo families are well-preserved and still being used as residences of the scions of the respective families.

The Garcia Ancestral House is among the more elegant old houses in Cebu and it is now the residence of the family of former Cebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia. The house looks stately in its white color and fine architectural design.  

House of Former Cebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia.

The Borromeo Ancestral House is of exquisite beauty located at Rahmann St. It has a distinctive architecture which is more European in style and elegance. I like the combination of its green and yellow paint.  

Borromeo House at Rahmann St.

While these houses are not open to the public, its beauty can be appreciated when you pass by it. I hope the future generations of its current owners will preserve the structures in its present state of magnificence.