Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino: Service par Excellence

Among the reasons why I enjoyed my stay in Cebu so much are the offerings of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. This is a luxury hotel offering best services at an affordable price.  

The picture of a sprawling Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino 
taken from the roof deck of Avenir.

Since my office is just across this hotel, I would frequently stroll in its grounds during daytime and nighttime particularly on weekends.

When I go to the gym there in the evening, I am mesmerized by the hotel's transformation into a seemingly magical castle in fairy tales when lighted.

Waterfront Hotel is transformed into a magical castle when lit at night. 

The hotel's grounds is lush with lots of plants and trees. One interesting feature there is the pond which makes the hotel environment relaxing and refreshing. 

Pond at the grounds of the hotel.

On entering the hotel, you will amazed by its lobby especially when you look up to the ceiling. You will see a beautifully painted fresco there depicting the first circumnavigation of the world. 

Fresco at the hotel lobby depicting the route of Ferdinand Magellan's Voyage
and at the center of it is the devotion to Sto. NiƱo.

The hallways are adorned with exquisite large paintings depicting aspects of Philippine history, local customs and traditions.  

Huge painting of Spanish-era ships.

Paintings of various Filipiniana costumes.

I like it so much signing up for a subscription at Citigym, the hotel's gym because in one of their promo, subscribers are allowed unlimited use of the hotel pool within a certain duration.

Swimming at the hotel's pool.

The best place to dine at Waterfront Hotel if you want Chinese foods is at Tin Gow. It was awarded by SunStar, a local newspaper in Cebu, as among the Best of Cebu in 2016. The accolade was in fact a grand slam and my tastebuds can attest to that.

Tin Gow was recognized as among the "Best of Cebu" by 
SunStar, a local newspaper.

You can choose from a variety of food choices on their menu from main dishes such as Peking Duck, Abalone, Yang Chow Fried Rice to dumplings. What I like ordering there are quail egg siomai and the mouth-watering glutinous rice. It is best paired with their hot Chinese tea.

Steamed pork siomai.

Prawn Dumpling

Glutinous Rice

At the Lobby Lounge of the hotel, one can also order delectable  western or local foods. I am particularly inclined to mention a food stall in the lobby which serves local delicacies. It serves bibingka, torta, biko, and puto bumbong year-round. 

A beautiful maiden preparing the puto bumbong.

Puto bumbong and hot chocolate (sikwate).

The fluffy torta and hot chocolate (sikwate).

I like the torta which they serve there. Torta is a local delicacy from Argao, Cebu. However, the torta which the stall serves differs from that in Argao because of its fluffiness. Torta is best paired with sikwate, a local hot chocolate brew. 

For events, dining, or recreation, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is one of the best places to go to. You can enjoy the best of Cebu without ruining your pocket.