Taoist Temple: A Sanctuary of Harmony

The Taoist Temple is among the most visited tourist spot in Cebu City. It is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision at an elevation of 110m. It is a towering, multi-tiered, and multi-hued edifice built by the Chinese Community in 1972.

The Taoists in Cebu worship in this place. They perform here rituals such as washing of hands, going inside the chapel barefoot, and dropping two blocks of wood. If the blocks of wood are both face up, then the devotee can make a wish. Otherwise, it is not yet the proper time for one's wish to be granted and the devotee has to come back to the temple some other time.

The main sanctuary of the temple. 

A temple to the sea goddess. 

The dragon which is an auspicious symbol for the Chinese.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, Taoists climb the 81 steps of the temple which represents the 81 chapters of Taoism scriptures, to light joss sticks and their fortunes are read by the monks. 

A joss paper burner. 

The Pagoda 

A pond with a fisherman catching a fish. 

The place offers a serene environment for those who want to mediate or relax. If you are in this place, it feels like you are in Korea with the hills and lush greeneries in view.  

View of nearby villages of Beverly Hills. 

This is a great place to visit. It offers not only a beautiful panorama but also it vigor to both the body and soul.