Larsian: Haven for Seafoods and Grilled Dishes

What I like most about Cebu is that it is a haven for good foods. One place to find these good foods is a food bazaar called Larsian located near Fuente OsmeƱa in the city's downtown.

Entrance to Larsian Food  Bazaar

The place is famous for its wide variety of food choices with grilled seafoods being the most popular. The seafoods they have there are fresh and sold at affordable prices. 

Marinated tuna for grilling. 

Fresh Scallops 

Variety of Shellfish 

The dining style there is "paluto" style, wherein you will buy the raw seafoods or meat you want to eat. Then, you will request the food stall staff to cook it for you.   

What I like about this place is that it has a dining area which is clean and comfortable for dining. It is similar to the Hawker Centers in Singapore.

Dining Area 

Dining in Larsian will provide you with a real taste of Cebu's grilled delicacies. Experiencing this, will make you visit this place frequently!