Breathtaking View from Top of Cebu

One of the physical features of Cebu which I like is its beautiful mountains. These mountains when you go there provide a panoramic view of Cebu City and the sea beyond.

One such place which offer a panoramic view, if not breathtaking, is a restaurant located in one of these mountains. The name of the restaurant is Top of Cebu located at Busay Hills. When you are in this place, you will be awed by the view while lounging on your seat.   

The breathtaking view of Cebu City from Top of Cebu.

It is a perfect place to dine as the breathtaking view will increase you appetite for good foods. The foods they serve are really delicious. 

We tried, and I highly recommend, their delectable Crispy Pata, Pinakbet (garnished with Lechon Kawali), and Pancit de Cebu. Their serving is quite large, yet the price is affordable.  

Me with my friend enjoying the panoramic view of Cebu City.

The sumptuous meal we had was composed of Crispy Pata, 
Pinakbet, and Pancit de Cebu.

Sweet Corn Shake

Though I only dined there once, I always long to come back. I have this different kind of craving which is both to satiate my tummy and my eyes.   


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