Yap-San Diego House: An Ancient Grandeur

The Yap-San Diego House in Parian, Cebu City is such an exquisite house which every tourist to the city should visit. The house is a microcosm of dignified Cebuano culture which has Hispanic and Chinese influences. 

The Yap-San Diego House

The house is a two-storey house with the first floor called silong adorned with antique furnitures. This gives you a feel of what living was during the Spanish era.   

Instragrammable corner in the house.

The dining area.

There are also beautiful paintings displayed in the house which help enhance the aesthetic appeal of the indoor ambiance. Some of the colorful paintings depict ancient local practices such as the barter trade.

Painting of a beautiful lady in Filipiniana dress.

Painting of the ancient practice of barter trade.

Painting of a trade during the Spanish era. 

Cebuanos are by nature deeply religious. This is reflected in the rich collection of religious icons or statues in their homes. This is also evident in Yap-San Diego house.
Collection of religious statues.

Life size statue of the "Nativity."

It is also common in old houses in Cebu to find a grand altar. In Yap-San Diego House, they even have a huge bas relief of the "Nativity." 

Altar in the house.

A wooden bas relief of the "Nativity."

Stairs of old houses are my fascination. To me it does not function only as an access to a higher floor, but a work of art meant to augment the aesthetics of the house. 

In Yap-San Diego House, the staircase is well adorned with a pair of angels, vases, and a crocheted curtain, the kind of which I only saw in Cebu.

An antique staircase adorned with angels and crocheted curtain. 

At the house's second floor, you'll still find more antique furnitures. They have a century old piano, and a harp. Perhaps, Cebuanos in those days were well-trained in playing these musical instruments.  

A century old piano.

An antique harp which was common among affluent 
Cebuano households during the Spanish era.

Outside the house, there is a beautiful garden. After appreciating the artistry of antique furnitures, it is a good time to relax in this garden to breath fresh air.   

A mural in the garden.

Me with my father at the house's well-kept garden.

When you are in the Parian District of Cebu City, you can easily locate the Yap-San Diego House as it is a short walk from "The Heritage of Cebu Monument."

The Yap-San Diego House is very near "The Heritage of Cebu Monument."

While in Europe you can tour the palaces of Kings and Queens, in Cebu you can tour old houses owned by ordinary mortals. Yet, a glimpse into their inner sanctum tells us how they lived tastefully in the exuberance of their times.