Pyramid & Sugbo Mercado

I was very fortunate that when I worked in Cebu, I got an accommodation at La Guardia Flats 1 with a very nice view of Cebu IT Park be it daytime or nighttime.  

When I'm in my unit's terrace, I can see the landscape of the back part of Cebu IT Park, especially the Pyramid, which is a dazzling bar at night. 

The Pyramid at daytime.

View of the Pyramid and IT Park at night from La Guardia Flats 1.

Me having a drink at the Pyramid.

Next to pyramid is a food bazaar named Sugbo Mercado. If you are an expatriate in Cebu, this is the place where you can find international delicacies. 

Signage of Sugbo Mercado

Stalls selling international delicacies.

A stall selling Hokkaido Cheese Tart.

What I like about this bazaar is that it provides a clean and orderly dining area, though most of the time it is crowded. Anyhow, there is a high chance that a diner can find a table. 

Clean dining area.

Of course, this food place offers local delicacies such as tinuom, a Cebuano variant of chicken tinola wrapped in banana leaf. The chicken used is a native. 

Tinuom, a Cebuano chicken delicacy.

Description of Tinuom

They also have this grilled native chicken prepared in a primitive way where they marinate it with native spices and stuffed with native herbs.     

Roasted Native Chicken

Description of the Roasted Native Chicken

You also have seafood choices. What I like about their seafoods is that it is fresh, and there are variety of it. They also cook it in different ways.  

Seafood Stall

Serving of a Garlic Shrimp

A food place in Cebu will not be complete without lechon, and related dishes, such as liempo, and pork belly lechon roll. I always buy these foods from Kusina Guadalupe.  

Kusina Guadalupe, one of my favorite stalls at Sugbo Mercado.

Pork Belly Lechon Roll by Kusina Guadalupe.

It is always fun to hangout in this food bazaar. Aside from being economical, it offers lots of food choices of high gastronomic quality. And there's free entertainment too!