House of Lechon a.k.a. House of Lami (Delicious)

Other than the "Sinulog Festival," Cebu is also famous for its mouth-watering lechon (roasted pig). The lechon you can find in Cebu are prepared in a variety of ways, but for me, the best one is prepared in Carcar-style. 

It is fortunate that even if you are in Cebu City, you can always eat a Carcar-style lechon, because there is the "House of Lechon." This restaurant has three (3) branches in the city, namely Acacia St. Branch (near Cebu Business Park), Don Jose Avila St. Branch (near Cebu Doctors Hospital), and Robinsons Galleria Cebu Branch.
Signage of the "House of Lechon."

They offer two types of lechon - the spicy, and non-spicy. The lechon is distinctive as in itself it is tasty. There's no need for a liver sauce to savor it, though the taste is enhanced when dipped in this vinegarish sauce made from the fluid extracted from the pig's internal after roasting. 

Carcar Style Lechon

Spicy Carcar Style Lechon

Other than lechon, they have more offerings on the menu. In my dining experience there, every time I order a new dish to try, it is always delicious. That is why, I think, the restaurant can also be called "House of Lami." Lami in Cebuano means delicious.    


Cebuano-style Ceviche

What I really find cute in this restaurant is this metallic pot which they use in serving rice. They underlay it with banana leaf which makes the rice smell better.   

The rice is served in this cute metallic pot. 

They also serve refreshing drinks. I tried their Buko Shake, Buko Pandan Shake, Mango Shake, and Watermelon Shake, which I like so much. Recently, they also introduced this Frozen Iced Tea.   

Frozen Iced Tea

They also offer delectable desserts. Among those which I really like are Pandan Tapioca, Oreo Mango Float, Mango-flavored Ice Candy, and this biko topped with mango in rose petal arrangement.

Biko with topping of mango in rose petal arrangement. 
It is best paired with sikwate (hot chocolate drink).

Having been amazed by the delectable dishes at this restaurant, I looked for their chef to tell him how good the foods are. He was delighted by my compliment, and we had a photograph taken. 

Me with the chef of House of Lechon. 

The "House of Lechon" is truly amazing! It made Cebu's fabled lechon and all the other Filipino dishes it serves more fabulous. As such, it redefined Philippine gastronomy in the finest sense for a discerning palate.