XZOOTIC Animal Park and Butterfly Garden

One entertaining part of my tour in Bohol was a visit to the XZOOTIC Animal Park and Butterfly Garden. It was both a pleasurable and educational activity.

What I like about the park was that I saw there the tiny eggs of butterflies waiting to be hatched. The eggs stick to the leaves of the shrub and it just stays there. 

Leaves with butterflies' eggs.

A closer look at the minutiae butterflies' eggs.

Inside the apiary, you'll get to see butterflies of various colors. The most interesting thing about butterflies which I learned from my tour guide was that butterflies would mate for 24 hours. Then after that, the male butterfly dies, maybe because of exhaustion. Lol!  

A butterfly mating inside the apiary.

Another amazing exhibit in the park is the pupae of various butterfly species. The pupae are of different sizes, and the coming out of the butterfly from it is quite interesting.  

Pupae of various species of butterflies.

Aside from butterflies, the park also has a collection of exotic species such as an exotic lizard (which I cannot remember the name).  

A kind of lizard.

The park also has a parrot only that it cannot talk. 


The visitors can also interact with the pythons. In fact, I tried touching one of them. It's not really scary as the snakes are kind. 

Me with the yellow python in my background.

I tried touching this brown python.

Of course, they have a crocodile. It is commonplace now in the Philippines as there already a number of crocodile farms in the country.   


A visit to this place is highly recommended, especially if you like butterflies and if you want to learn more about them.