Valencia's Magnificent Landscape

I was really amazed by Valencia, a municipality in Negros Oriental adjacent to Dumaguete City. This place is truly superb in what it has to offer, some of which are endemic to the place. An example is the Sulfur Vent. I am used to see geothermal manifestations in my home province, but it is only here that I can see the steam coming out of the crevices of a rocky hill.   

Sulfur Vent

Another very interesting place is the Pulangbato Falls. Though it is located in a remote location, when you get to the place, it is as if you are enchanted to a clandestine Eden. The falls are so beautiful and the pools are pristine. 

Hanging Bridge at Pulangbato Falls

Lovely Pulangbato Falls

Another Pulangbato Falls

Unlike the parks in most Philippine municipalities and cities, Valencia Park is a delightful place to visit. It has a manicured lawn, which is well maintained by the municipal government.      

The garden at Valencia Plaza.

The park also hosts a Sunday Bazaar where you can find mostly food products. Many people who visit the bazaar are foreigners who retired in the Philippines and living in Valencia.  

Sunday Food Bazaar at Valencia Plaza

Fronting the park is the parish church of Valencia dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of the Abandoned. The church is modern in design, and it aesthetically blends with the park environs.   

The facade of Valencia Catholic Church as seen from the plaza.

I was really awed by the natural beauty of Valencia's landscape. It is aesthetically appealing and worth of profound admiration.