Throwback: Avian Magnificence at Jurong Bird Park

Life in Singapore is always busy. To take a break, one can visit the Jurong Bird Park and admire the magnificence of colorful creatures there. 

There are entertaining bird shows such as the "High Flyers Show" at Pools Amphitheater. You will really be amazed by the birds showing off their talents. 

Flamingoes at Pools Amphitheater

A colorful bird flying through a hoop.

They also have "King of the Skies" show at Hawk Arena. In there, they show the might of predator birds such as the eagle, vulture, and hawk.

The trainer showing one of the predator birds.

A predator eagle.

Aside from watching the bird shows, it is also great to have sight-seeing in the park. You will see around various types of birds in beautiful colors walking in roads or pavements. 

A nice bird walking around the park.

There are so many nice places to see inside the park, all the more made nicer by these adorable and colorful winged creatures. 

Graceful pink flamingoes and a pelican.

Penguins in a refrigerated aquarium.

They also have there a dark room where they place the nocturnal birds such as a variety of owls. These nocturnal creatures are also beautiful. 

An owl in the dark room for nocturnal birds.

The park also has an aviary where colorful feathered and beautiful birds are kept. There are many varieties of birds there.

Beautiful birds inside a cage.

Uncommon bird species.

A fine-looking bird walking in the balustrade inside the aviary.

An interesting feature of the park is the Avian Museum. You will learn there information about birds and how to conserve them. They also exhibit stuffed birds, collection of feathers, various cage designs, eggs of various birds (ostrich, chicken, etc.), and human inventions inspired by birds, such as airplanes and kites. 

Stuffed birds and a collection of feathers.

Exhibit of various cage designs.

Eggs of various birds.

The park is nicely situated at the foot of Jurong Hill. You will enjoy the beautiful sceneries inside the park including its nicely designed bridges, walkways, man-made waterfalls, pools and lakes.  

A finely designed bridge.

The tallest man-made falls in the world.

A scenery unique to Southeast Asia.

A restaurant with a good view of the flamingo pool.

Jurong Bird Park is truly worth a visit to appreciate the magnificence of colorful birds. It makes one refreshed to tackle again the hurly-burly of daily life.