Sans Rival: Dumaguete's Finest

Dumaguete City is always associated with its famous delicacy Silvanas. Silvanas is a sweet based on the French Dacquoise dessert cake. It has merangue wafers filled with French buttercream forming a sandwich cookie, then coated with more buttercream, rolled in ground cashews or cracker crumbs to add extra flavor and crunch. Because of its buttercream content, it is served frozen for best texture.

The best place to buy Silvanas is at Sans Rival Cake and Pastries.  They also have another popular offering which is the Sans Rival, a Filipino Cuisine dessert cake made of layers of buttercream, merangue, and chopped cashews. 

Sans Rival Cake and Pastries

Chocolate-flavored Silvanas

The Sans Rival Cake

Adjoining the shop is a fine dining restaurant which serves popular Spanish foods in the Philippines such as callos, paella, and lengua. I tried all of these best sellers in this restaurant. 

The elegant Sans Rival Restaurant.




There's a reason why these foods are best sellers... because they are indeed best tasting! You must really taste these when you visit Dumaguete as it will satiate your greatest craving for top of the line gastronomy.