Of Sweet Sceneries in Bais

As a Chemical Engineer, I am always fascinated by the sugar factory (azucarera); and as in the case of the Philippines, it is situated adjacent to a picturesque and sprawling sugarcane plantation.  

On my way to Manjuyod for dolphin watching, I passed by Bais City where the Central Azucarera de Bais is located. This Sugar Central is owned by the family of Filipino-Chinese singer Jose Mari Chan.

Across the Sugar Central, you will find this small park where you can see the so-called "Iron Dinosaur," a train used to transport sugarcane from the plantation to the processing facility.   

The "Iron Dinosaur" of Bais

Central Azucarera de Bais

The sprawling sugarcane plantation.

You can also find in that place the exquisite Mojon Chapel which caters to the spiritual needs of the faithful living in the area. This chapel is such a beautiful edifice nicely situated in a lush environment. 

Mojon Chapel

Seeing these environs, all I can say is that life cannot be any sweeter than spending it in a place with sweet sceneries as that of Bais.