Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin Watching

One magnificent place to visit in Negros Oriental is the Manjuyod Sandbar located off the coast of the Municipality of Manjuyod. Because of its resemblance to Maldives, it is dubbed as "Maldives of the Philippines," but perhaps has its own uniqueness. 

You can do four (4) things on your visit to this place. The first is you can swim near or at the sandbar. There is time in a day when the sandbar is not yet covered with water. Even when it is covered with water, it is not deep.

The Sandbar of Manjuyod

The second activity is that you can snorkel to see the colorful corrals and wonderful creatures under the sea. The water is so clean that even from the boat, you can see what is underneath.  

Beneath the pristine waters, you can see the coral reefs.

The third activity is to eat seafoods. You can buy it from the sellers at the sandbar. Since I am curious about the taste of sea urchins, I ordered it and requested them to cut it in half.    

Edible Sea Urchins

The sea urchin is eaten raw. I just whisked it with calamansi or vinegar and it is ready for eating. The taste is really good. 

Sea Urchin Meat

And of course, the fourth activity and not to be missed is dolphin watching. The dolphins you can see there are smaller types, but when they swim in unison, it is too pleasing to the eyes. 

The Manjuyod Sandbar may be touted as "Maldives of the Philippines," but in itself is unique, and the experience it offers is unparalleled and superb!