Forest Camp: Relaxing with Nature at Its Best

If you want to have a relaxation with nature, then the Forest Camp Resort is for you. The resort is nestled in the mountainous area of Valencia, Negros Oriental.

What I like about the resort is that is has many nicely designed cottages and swimming pools. The cottages can cater to family or company outings.   

The main cottage by the pool.

A nice cottage for family outing.

Forest Camp's main pool

The place offers many Instagramable sites, one of which is this cauldron with flowing water located at the main pool. Many guests would take pictures inside this cauldron. 

Me taking a bath in this cauldron at the main pool.

The resort has several pools catering to both adults and children. The water is freshly supplied to the pool from a nearby river, the source of which is an upland tropical rainforest.  

Another nice pool at the resort.

The resort has smaller swimming pools for children.

Kiddie pool with fountain.

The main thing to experience in this resort is to get boiled in this large cauldron. The water is hot, yet you can't get burns.  

Me being boiled in this huge cauldron.

The resort really offers a refreshing natural environment. There are good places there to commune with nature, meditate, or do yoga.

Relaxing sceneries at the resort.

The river where the water of  the swimming pools is being sourced.

Of course, one can also avail of their massage services being done in this hut by the river. The massage is quite good and it becomes more relaxing because of the river's rustling sound. 

Spa by the river.

The spa beds where you can have massage while being lulled to sleep 
by the rustling sound of the nearby river.

When it comes to foods, they also have delectable offerings. When I was there, I tried their sinuglaw with chicharon, as a friend local to the place told me that it is a must taste. 

The bar at the resort's restaurant.

Sinuglaw with Chicharon

An alcoholic drink with mango and cherry.

I am so thankful to have visited this place because I experienced being "boiled" without getting burned, I got relaxed and refreshed in a lush environment, and I tasted the local delicious foods.