Buglasan: Festival of Festivals of Negros Oriental

My visit to Negros Oriental came a day after the conclusion of Buglasan Festival. I may not have seen the festivities itself, but I was still able to see its remnants.

Buglasan Festival is known in Negros Oriental as "The Festival of Festivals" as there are many festivals in the province celebrated in various municipalities.

The festival takes place in Dumaguete City, the provincial capital sometime in the middle of October. The name "Buglasan" came from "Buglas Insulis," the name of Negros Island indicated on a map drawn by Diego Lope Provedano in 1572.

On my visit to the Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental, I still saw there the colorfully designed makeshift stage for the festival. I just enjoyed the nice sceneries within the capitol complex.
Facade of the Negros Oriental Capitol Building with a makeshift 
stage for the Buglasan Festival 2019.

I posed in this monument honoring the farmer and the carabao.

A monument about planting rice.

My attention was captured by these sturdy bamboo structures which was exhibited during the festival. I am so glad that Negros Oriental has skilled craftsmen who can do such beautifully designed structures made of bamboo.

A beautifully designed building made of bamboo.

A pineapple-inspired bamboo house.

A nice shed also made of bamboo.

My friend in Dumaguete City also brought me to Sidlakang Negros Village. This is a village of small huts, which each hut featuring the attractions of various municipalities in the province of Negros Oriental. When operational, this village becomes vibrant. 

Sidlakang Negros Village

Negros Oriental as a province is very interesting. They offer more unique experiences to tourists like me, and you can experience it too! So put Negros Oriental in your itinerary after Covid-19 is gone.