Dumaguete City Public Market

On my visit to Dumaguete, I was brought by my friend from that place to the so-called "Painitan." It is a food place located within the public market complex. It is called "Painitan" because the sell hot drinks there. The hot drinks they offer are sikwate (chocolate), and coffee. 

Chocolate drink (sikwate) and syrup.

You can also buy in that place flavored rice cakes (suman), and brown rice dumplings with chocolate and peanut butter toppings. These rice cakes and rice dumplings taste nice and excellent to pair with the chocolate drink. 

Me trying to sell flavored rice cake (suman).

Brown rice dumpling with peanut butter and chocolate.

Since the public market is just nearby, I took a short walk there to see what they sell. I was amazed by the fresh seafoods they are selling which are quite affordable.    

Large milk fish (bangus) being sold at the market.

Slices of fresh tuna.

Giant Lobster

What captured my attention was the so-called dungon which according to my friend is an ingredient they use to make their local ceviche taste tangy.   

Dungon used for ceviche (kinilaw).

I like my visit to Dumaguete City Public Market because I learned  about their local products and I was able to taste some of their local delicacies.