Cruising the Loboc River

The most unique experience a tourist in Bohol can have is the Loboc River Cruise. To date, it is one of a kind cruise in the entire Philippines. In this cruise, one can experience the relaxing lush environment of the river.   

Lush scenery along Loboc River.

A magnificent scenery at the upper end of the river. 

While having the cruise and enjoying the beautiful sceneries, the guests can have buffet. The foods they serve are superb.  

Buffet on the cruise.

The boat also stops at a station where cultural presentation is performed. After the presentation, the guests are allowed to join the performers in dancing or playing the musical instruments. One can experience here dancing the Philippine folk dance tinikling.

Me having photo with the performers after their magnificent presentation.

Indeed, the cruise of Loboc River is a lovable experience and has proven to be a good reason for "balik sa Bohol, balik!"