Bohol Bee Farm

A visit to Bohol will not be complete without visiting the Bohol Bee Farm. The place has a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, dive shop, spa, and souvenir shop.

The amenities at Bohol Bee Farm.

The coffee shop Kape Bee and Bar offers a good ambiance to diners. It is a good place to converse with family and friends.     

Kape Bee and Bar

What I am most amazed about the offerings of Bohol Bee Farm is the charcoal ice cream. I have only tasted such a kind of flavored ice cream there. It really tastes nice.  

Charcoal Ice Cream

The ice cream corner at Bohol Bee Farm.

They also have a restaurant there where while dining you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea. The foods they serve are delicious and affordable.  

A native-inspired bar at the restaurant.

Panoramic view of the sea from the restaurant.

My attention was caught by some of the initiatives of Bohol Bee Farm. They are into recycling and of particular interest to me was these water containers beautifully recycled into trashcans segregating hazardous, non-biodegradable, and biodegradable wastes. 

Water containers nicely recycled into trash cans.

I was also amazed by their herb plantation. They have there a variety of herb collection and those are for sale.

Herb plantation

The hotel rooms in Bohol Bee Farm looks good for a relaxing vacation. You can either swim in the hotel's pool or at the sea.  

Hotel rooms at Bohol Bee Farm

Swimming pool at the hotel 

The Bohol Bee Farm is such a beautiful place. For a vacation in Bohol, this is the place to be!