Siquijor: An Enchanting Island

Siquijor has been known as a mystical island because long ago, it was supposedly inhabited by many witches. What we from other parts of the Philippine archipelago heard of Siquijor was that you can buy love potion, consult a quack doctor, or buy a poison there. 

This gross mental model that I have of Siquijor was quickly changed the moment I set foot on the island, seeing the mesmerizing beach near the port.   

A welcoming sign at the port of Siquijor.

Not far away from the port is the iconic San Francisco Church, a centuries old church built during the Spanish era.

A park in front of San Francisco Church.

Facade of San Francisco Church

The interior of the church is not huge and simple in design, yet that simplicity evokes sacred elegance.

A simple yet elegant altar of San Francisco Church.

The historical marker on San Francisco Church.

A trip to Siquijor will not be complete without dipping in the waters of Capilay Spring Park. The water source of the spring is the church atop a nearby hill.

Capilay Spring Park

In the deeper part of the huge pool (as above), people are prohibited from swimming. But they allow people to swim with the tilapias in the shallower part (picture below).    

Me swimming with the tilapias at Capilay Spring Park.

Of course, souvenir shops are available in the area. But what's unique about this souvenir shop is that it capitalizes on what the place is previously known for; that they are selling voodoo dolls for souvenirs.   

Among the souvenirs one can buy are voodoo dolls.

In my memorable experience of Siquijor, I think, there's no amount of potion or spell can capture a tourist's heart than Siquijor's naturally enchanting beauty.