Hacienda del Hamor: A Lovable Place

Sorsogon as a province has improved a lot. There sprung many nice resorts in the province and one of the most noteworthy resorts is Hacienda del Hamor. 

This place is particularly nice because you can see here on a clear day the three peaks of Mount Bulusan. The view of Mount Bulusan itself is so majestic.     

A hall at the resort with Mount Bulusan as the background.

From the resort's events hall, you'll have a panoramic view of the pool and Sorsogon City.

A panoramic view of the resort's pool.

You can also rent a private cottage provided with individual pool. The interior of the cottage looks nice.

A private cottage with individual pool.

There is a river at the side of the resort and they placed there a concrete bridge so their guests can enjoy nature.

A bridge which enables one to have communion with nature.

A river by the resort.

If you want a relaxing getaway, then Hacienda del Hamor is the best place to go. For sure, when you check-out of this resort, you'll  get refreshed and ready once again to face the world!