Cantabon Cave: A Subterranean Fascination

Visiting a cave was one of my childhood dreams, as our teacher once mentioned about the stalactites and stalagmites of Hoyophoyopan cave.

That dream first came true when I visited the Timubo Cave in Camotes Island, Cebu. Having experienced that wonderful spelunking, I was drawn to visit the Cantabon Cave on my tour of Siquijor.   

A signage at the entrance of Cantabon Cave.

The spelunking commenced with a safety orientation at Barangay Hall. You just have to pay a certain fee there, and they will provide you with hard hat and spelunking footwear. Two guides will go with you in the spelunking.    

A picture with my tour guides taken before we embarked on our journey.

The cave is a short walk from the Barangay Hall and it can only be accessed via a locked gate. Then one has to descend via a stairway to the mouth of the cave.  

The stairs going down the cave.

At the entrance, one has to stoop down as the cave ceiling is quite low. But when you reach the cavernous area, you will be awed by the magnificent stalagmites and stalactites.  

Stalactites inside the cave.

Stalagmite formation with dripping potable water.

In one of the stalagmite formations, there are dripping waters which are potable. I collected it in my hands and drank it. It's refreshing. 

I drank the fresh water drippings from the stalagmite.

One thing which I like most about spelunking is that I can swim in the clean waters of the cave. The water there is fresh and cool. It is a different experience from say swimming on a beach or a pool.

The cave also offers good swimming spots as the waters are very clean.

Cantabon Cave is truly a "must visit" when you are in Siquijor. It can spellbound you by the allures of its own.