Baclayon Church: Philippines' Cultural Treasure

Among the Philippines' cultural treasures are the Baroque churches built during the Spanish era and one of the most notable of these churches is the La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church also known as Baclayon Church in Bohol.     

The magnificent facade of Baclayon Church.

A historical marker installed in the church states that the Jesuits built this church and completed it in 1737. The church is built from coral stones. 

The national historical marker of Baclayon Church.

When you enter the church, you will be awed by the centuries old retablos found in the main altar and the two side altars. The retablos were ornately designed and skilfully carved. 

An elaborate retablo of the church's main altar.

Centuries old side altar.

Side altar where the Holy Oils are kept.

Baclayon Church is famous for its finely painted ceiling frescoes which would have qualified it for the UNESCO Heritage Site designation had it not been destroyed by an earthquake which struck the province of Bohol on October 15, 2013.  

The original ceiling fresco which was not destroyed by the earthquake. 

The repainted ceiling frescoes which  was exquisitely made.

My attention was also captured by the pulpit which was ornately made. Its design is quite nice. 

An ornate pulpit.

The antiquity of this great church will capture your heart and imagination. It is a spiritual haven as much as a cultural treasure that the Philippines is fortunately blessed with.