Alluring Bohol

One of the most enjoyable trips that I had was my trip to Bohol. As a child, really dreamt of visiting the place because of Chocolate Hills. But I learned later on that Bohol has more to offer than just the Chocolate Hills.  

Bohol is easily accessible from Cebu via ferryboat. I took OceanJet in going there because from previous experience, it was clean, punctual, and had comfortable seats.    

I like riding OceanJet. It's a convenient ferry from Cebu to Bohol. 

My first stop in Bohol was Tagbilaran City. I first visited the Tagbilaran Cathedral, then I took pictures within the vicinity such as the Plaza Rizal and National Museum Tagbilaran, which are just across the cathedral.   

Tagbilaran's Plaza Rizal has many pigeons.

The National Museum in Tagbilaran which served previously as the Provincial Capitol.

From there, I proceeded to the "Blood Compact Monument." The "Blood Compact" was an ancient practice in the Philippines signifying friendship or treaty, or to validate an agreement. This specific monument commemorates the 1565 Blood Compact between Miguel L√≥pez de Legazpi, a Spanish explorer, and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol.
The "Blood Compact Monument."

After the "Blood Compact Monument," I proceeded to the Man-made Forest. It is so cool in the area, and you can get a breath of fresh air there.  

Man-made Forest

I also visited the Tarsier Conservation Area. I saw there seven (7) tarsiers which are quite small but adorable creatures. They have a good grip of the stem they are holding to.  

This adorable tarsier mascot will welcome you at the
Tarsier Conservation Area.

The Philippine Tarsier, a cute marsupial.

Me at the Tarsier Conservation Area in Bohol.

Another place which visitors in Bohol should never miss is the residence of former Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia. It serves now as a presidential museum, and there is a cafe in the compound.  

The residence of former Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia.

The national historical marker at the residence of former President Carlos P. Garcia.

Cafe Caloy, a coffeeshop within the compound of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia's residence.  

Bohol is a very nice place. It is very clean and not crowded. If you really want to have an enjoyable vacation, then spend it in Bohol!