Vegetarian Dining at Grand Hyatt Manila

For my mother's birthday, I treated her to a vegetarian feast at No. 8 China House, a Chinese restaurant at Grand Hyatt BGC.

The foods were great and tasty even though they were pure veggies. The seasonings of the cuisines were delicate to the palate.  

Casserole of eggplant, diced chicken, salted fish

Braised tofu, shiitake mushroom

A tasty vegetarian noodles.

While waiting for the main course to be served, we were served with appetizers such as fried string beans and peanuts.  


Since it was her birthday, she was gifted by the restaurant with a birthday cake and she was serenaded by the waiters and waitresses with "Happy Birthday."

Birthday cake given to my mom 

I also bought their sticky rice cakes with flavors of pandan, vanilla, and chocolate. It tasted to nice. 

Sticky rice cake (tikoy)

Dining at No. 8 China House is indeed one of a kind Chinese dining experience!