West 35: Vista from on High

Cebu offers many good places to visit. One of which is West 35 located in Balamban, a town adjacent to Cebu City.  

Going to West 35 offers a breathtaking view of the lush tropical mountains which seem to be endless.  

West 35 is a resort where one can have a staycation or adventures. It has a restaurant which serves delicious foods - mixed western and local.

It is quite nice to dine here to enjoy both the foods and the exquisite scenery. Aptly said, dining on top with top quality foods.    

Facade of West 35 Restaurant.

Inside the West 35 Restaurant

View of the lush mountains from West 35 when it is foggy.

The lush mountains seen from West 35 when the sky is clear.

Me at the Observation Deck.

Taking a photo of myself in front of LOVE.

Very nice landscape of West 35 Resort.

West 35 is located at Balamban and you will pass by this arch in going there.