Throwback: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore Museum

The renovation of Singapore's Cathedral of the Good Shepherd comes with the renovation of the convent and adding on a museum. 

The museum showcases liturgical vestments, vessels, events memorabilia, portraits of bishops who helped shape the Catholic landscape of Singapore, and a finely woven history of the archdiocese.   

I have taken some pictures of what you can see inside the museum.

Portrait of St. Laurent Joseph Marius Imbert, MEP, a martyr in Korea who happened to check the situation in Singapore for a possible establishment of a mission. 

A beautifully crafted "Nativity Scene."

An old tabernacle previously used in the cathedral.

The chair used by St. John Paul II during his Papal Visit to Singapore.

Portrait of a bishop in Singapore and some episcopal regalia.

Michael Olcomendy, the First Archbishop of Singapore.