Alioto's Restaurant: A Haven for Seafood Dining

On my visit to downtown San Francisco, we visited Fisherman's Wharf where there are great places to dine. 

My cousin and I opted to dine at Alioto's Restaurant. The style there is that you have to choose the fresh seafoods which you want them to cook. 

I chose the lobster since its large size captured my attention. It was much larger than the lobsters I had seen in the Philippines at that time.

The American lobster's size piqued my curiosity.

The lobster was prepared in a salad style. It tasted nice and quite filling. We were also served vegetable salad for a side dish. 

The lobster as it was served to us.

I would recommend that on a visit to San Francisco, you must try Alioto's Restaurant. Their lobster should never be missed!